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Sunshine Days is a wholesome-village life game from Netspeak Games. In this game players can create their own goals while making new friends, adventures and more. We hope. The game wants players to build a community.

What is this game about? You’re the new assistant-assistant-mayor, and you’ve been given a whole free house to live in, which you can customize however you like. But things aren’t all peaches in the Valley – the town has fallen into ruin, and if you can’t turn things around, the townspeople might lose everything. Restore the town, create your home, and build your life in Sunshine Valley. Express yourself with a huge range of customization choices.Design, build and furnish the house of your dreams.

The game looks nice, but a lot like other games we have reviewed before like Wonderbox or Mini World Creata, we don’t know much about the monetization system, but it is expected to have micro transactions for cosmetic items. So, it’s free, but players would be able to buy some nice items in game.

Sunshine Days is in Early Access mode in Android and iOS devices. Early Access means that Sunshine Days has not yet reached its final form. A lot will be added, modified, or even removed altogether before Sunshine Days releases. Players can wishlist the game now on Steam. The PC version will feature a new ‘Creator Mode’ allowing players to create new content for Sunshine Days which will then be made available to players on mobile via the Netspeak publishing platform.

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