Strange Records of Pingcheng

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Download Strange Records of Pingcheng, a two-dimensional mobile game. It has a high degree of freedom to explore levels, the game offers a high-quality graphics, awesome gameplay and lastly interesting mobile Action RPG gameplay. Whether you like single-player trials and adventures, 1V1 arena confrontation, or survival resource battle, there are all kinds of gameplay.

The game has a survival mode, a total of 40 people’s melee confrontation. It is mainly a PVP game. The player’s development of the hero role directly affects the performance in this resource scramble mode. Heroes with a low level of cultivation also have the opportunity to eat chickens smoothly. As long as they stabilize their development and run around to hide from poison, there is no need to worry about not surviving to the end.

In any of the trial adventures, mine palaces, survival challenge maps, etc., there are a lot of mineral resources, medicine resources, etc. provided to players, which can be used to forge equipment, improve the forging level, make medicine, improve Pharmaceutical grade, to help everyone better pass the early stage of training. In addition to basic minerals and plant resources, various equipment treasure chests appear randomly, dropping equipment and weapons of various levels. Whether it is for the hero’s own use or decomposed into materials.

The game is in CBT phase. Strange Records of Pingcheng is only available on China TapTap.

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