Static Shift Racing

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Download Static Shift Racing, a new mobile high-quality racing car game. Static Shift Racing is a mobile racing game that allows players to customize their cars and compete against other players in an open world. The game features an extensive catalog of modifications for cars, allowing players to create the car of their dreams.

The game takes place in an open world playground called Static Nation which is comprised of multiple districts. Players can compete in various race types such as Circuit Races, Sprint Races, Drift Sprints and Marker Hunt. The game also features challenges scattered throughout the world and an ever-expanding car list. Static Shift Racing also delivers stunning graphics to provide an immersive gaming experience.

The game is good so far, the customization is pretty good and the parts are inexpensive for the cars themselves. Later levels are a challenge and players may have to end up just skipping them with race tickets most of the time because cars performs the same as it did from the first series.

There’s only 5 cars at launch and one of them needs real cash to buy and the other two are super expensive(one being priced at 50 grand and the other one unlocked after you have two cars at lvl 5 and i don’t feel like wasting money on buying another tier one car.) There will be more cars added as the game is updated more but if there could be a way to earn credits in game, that would be nice.

Static Shift Racing is available for Android and iOS for free.

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