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Speed Rush Runners

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Download Speed Rush Runners (スピードラッシュランナーズ), this is an action game developed by XFLAG. Players who are interested in the game can now download the game via Japan’s App or Play Store.

Speed Rush Runners is a Hero-collection, Runner-game with some JRPG element. Players will be able to collect tons of different characters, each with the own unique skill-set. Similar to most runner-games, your character will be constantly running on a 4-laned road.

In Speed Rush Runners players will need to avoid obstacles or collect coins and power-ups by flicking left, right, up, down or tap on the screen to perform a Jump. During Boss fights, players will need to take note of the telegraph on the floor to avoid the Boss’s attacks. To attack the boss, all you need to do is to get close to them.

Speed Rush Runners supports up to 4-Players co-op. Players can check the weaknesses of your boss and form a party. Destroy boss shield with your best role. Like in RPGs, there are plenty of character development and replay elements.

It is a really nice game if you are into action runner games, love RPG and like strategy and training games. Speed Rush Runners is available for Android and iOS App Store but only on Japan.

Speed Rush Runners is in the category: Action, Adventure

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