Space Blast

Space Blast Conquer the Cosmic Battlefield.
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May 28, 2024
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Space Blast – Conquer the Cosmic Battlefield. Dive into the action with Space Blast, the ultimate vertical bullet hell shooter! Experience intense space battles, strategic roguelike elements, and dynamic equipment upgrades as you defend against alien insect swarms.

Face relentless waves of alien insects in visually stunning cosmic battles. Test your reflexes and strategy with vibrant explosions and mesmerizing bullet patterns.

Keep every battle fresh with roguelike elements. After each wave, choose from three random skills to enhance your space warrior’s abilities. Create powerful synergies to tackle tougher enemies.

Upgrade your space warrior between battles. Collect resources to enhance weapons, shields, and equipment, making your warrior a formidable force. Hold to shoot and release to deploy a protective shield. Absorb enemy collisions and bullets, then unleash powerful missile attacks.

Download Space Blast now and dominate the cosmic battlefield with strategy, skill, and firepower.


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