Snowbreak: Containment Zone (Project Snow)

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Snowbreak: Containment Zone (Project Snow) is an upcoming action RPG 3D Shooter from Amazing Seasun studio. Alongside opening pre-registration, the studio revealed a first look at the game with a brand new trailer. The striking title will be coming to PC, iOS, and Android later this year.

Set in the year 2057, Snowbreak depicts a world that is attempting to recover from a mysterious disaster called “The Descent”. Cities that were once prosperous have fallen into disrepair in Snowbreak: Containment Zone. Riddled with strange pollution that falls like snow, the once great cities have been designated as Containment Zones. It’ll be up to players to return to the Containment Zones with their team of manifestations to fight against colossal titans and other forces to investigate and protect humanity.

At start we have three main characters, Lyfe Bestla, known to the world as “Wednesday”, she was the Valkyrie Games star competition before she joined the Heimdall Force. Fritia Ignis, a child prodigy daughter of scientists and Fenny Golden, probably the most self centered character.

In Snowbreak: Containment Zone (Project Snow) we will have a third-person view. Using the ‘joystick’ that appears on the left of the interface we can move in any direction while touching the action buttons we will have the ability to execute attacks or modify the weapon. Similarly, at many times we will have to access the inventory to use certain items that we have harvested or to enhance certain aspects of the warrior.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone will be coming to PC, iOS and Android later this year. Players can pre-register now and can look forward to a closed beta test coming soon. Players that invite their friends to pre-register can also earn prizes during the Luck Draw event as well as be entered to win an iPhone 14 Pro or Samsung S23 Ultra.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is available for Android an iOS devices.

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