Sky Island: Lost Kingdom (空之島:失落王國)

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Sky Island: Lost Kingdom (空之島:失落王國), is a fantasy adventure game available for China. In this game, players will join hands with nearly a hundred unique cute pets to become the guardians of ancient civilizations and shoulder the important task of guarding the mysterious lost kingdom.

This is an MMORPG, with pet mechanics. To get the plot, we can read some of the game description: Under the guidance of the Church of Light, fearless adventurers will go to the mysterious island hidden deep in the clouds. The ancient ruins, where the once glorious kingdom is buried, are silently telling the secrets of Sky Island. As the guardian of ancient civilization, you will embark on a fantastic and unknown adventure on the empty island.

Adventure is never a lonely journey alone, and it is more powerful to guard the lost kingdom with the company of TAs! Super cute Snow Weasel, Flying Meow Agent, Star Dream Fairy and other cute pets make their debut. In the silence of the night, it illuminates the way forward for you. When in deep danger, it will fight side by side with you.

The land occupied by evil bosses for thousands of years always hides crises and surprises! Adventurers will defeat the legendary BOSS, become the strongest in the lost kingdom, and fight for the defense of civilization through layers of experience such as undead invasion, astral hunting, and territorial defense battles.

The game seems to be nice and cute, but it is only available on chinese. There are no dates about a global release or a english version, there should be one, the game may have some success in other countries. If you want to try, remember to use a VPN and don’t forget to download the APK.

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