Sakura Ignoramus (サクライグノラムス)

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Download Sakura Ignoramus (サクライグノラムス – サクムス), a simulation RPG released as a successor to Shinobi Nightmare . The black fire that destroyed the world 20 years ago, “Kegare”, has been revived, so the four members of the fire clan who can exorcise the black fire travel through time to cause a revolution in the past and correct the future.

The battle is a tactical battle with the main character and 5 samurai, and the mini characters fight on a map with different heights. In addition, there is also content that nurtures “styles” that change skills and status by equipping samurai.

Like Shinobi Nightmare, there are things that have been inherited from Shinobi Nightmare, such as the four main characters having the names of flowers, and implementing Goemon Ishikawa and Hideyoshi Toyotomi without changing the cast.

The stage is the Japanese city-state “Owari country”. The black fire “Kegare” that destroyed the world 20 years ago has revived and is burning down the city. Himawari, Sazanka, Nazuna, and Azami are shaken by the force of the black fire. ).

It is a 6-person formation with 1 main character and 5 samurai. Samurai can’t organize the same character, but by switching “styles” with different weapon types, you can take them to a wide range of quests. Sakura Ignoramus is a tactical battle where you move your character on a map with different heights. Tactics battles require more time to move before attacking, so one battle takes longer selection RPGs (there are also auto battles).

The game is really nice but only available on the Japanese Store and limited to Japan.

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