Sacred Summons

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Download Sacred Summons Global. The wait is over. The Asian fantasy MMORPG, Sacred Summons, is finally available for iOS and Android, from April 18th. The game is published by Appguru Technology, Sacred Summons is one of the most hotly anticipated mobile RPGs.

Sacred Summons is not a new game, but a really popular one. This global edition boasts a number of tweaks and improvements based on player feedback. The class skills, pets, and summons are all more finely balanced than previously, while the user interface, daily rewards, event rewards, loot drop rates, and more have all been improved to make the game as fun and accessible as possible.

There’s a ton of new stuff, including quests, various cosmetic items, extra servers, and data for a whole new forthcoming class, taking the total up to seven. Existing Sacred Summons fans will already know that it features some seriously slick graphics, challenging gameplay, and an epic storyline involving gods, elemental beings, and a demonic entity called Chaos.

Playing as the Summoner, It’s your job to stop Chaos from invading the human realm, which means completing quests, defeating more than 50 World Bosses, and taking on other players in the various PvP modes. You can choose from six playable classes, each one built around a different combat style (DPS, ranged, etc).

Sacred Summons is available on the Google Play Store and App Store.

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