Rytmos – Music Puzzler

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Rytmos is an innovative musical puzzle game that combines the joy of puzzle-solving with the art of music creation. As you unravel the puzzles presented to you, the very essence of the music is shaped by your solutions.

In this musical game, players can go into on a captivating journey through a vast universe brimming with diverse planets and solar systems, each hosting its own set of enchanting musical puzzles.

Each beautiful world encountered in Rytmos brings with it a challenge for players to complete, and introduces new mechanics that ensure the challenge of completion evolves alongside the players increasing knowledge of the in-game universe. Finishing each section of the planet’s puzzle adds a new layer to the soundtrack as musical compositions are formed in real-time and controlled by the player’s actions.

In Rytmos, your mastery of the puzzles will not only challenge your intellect but also reward you with the creation of captivating melodies and harmonies. Prepare to unleash your creativity and embark on a harmonious adventure unlike any other.

Rytmos takes inspiration from an eclectic mix of global music genres, with this journey across the stars leading to encounters with Germany’s famous 70s electronic scene, 1960s Ethiopian Jazz, or even the 8-bit gaming wave! Floppy Club has developed Rytmos to be not just a game but also an interactive way to educate and inspire people on the history of music.

Rigth now, Rytmos is on development stage.

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