Romancing SaGa – Minstrel Song (Remastered)

Romancing SaGa – Minstrel Song (Remastered) Overview

Romancing SaGa -Minstrel Song will be launch will be launch on the 1st of December and will be available for the PS4/PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC (via Steam), Android and iOS. The game is from Square Enix.

This release will include many of the SaGa series classic elements, such as the Glimmer and Combo mechanics. The game has a free scenario system that lets you create your own storyline, players can select one of eight protagonists with completely different origins and backstories.

Square Enix has made some work in this remaster, it is improved in every aspect. The game features upgraded HD graphics and numerous enhancements to improve playability. In addition to a full HD graphical upgrade, various new features expand the gameplay even further.

From the game website: “The sorceress Aldora, who once traveled together with the legendary hero Mirsa, appears in her original form. Experience new events where she recounts the journeys of Mirsa first hand. Fan-favourite Schiele finally joins your adventures and characters such as Marina, Monica and Flammar can now also be recruited.

Several bosses now appear as super powerful enhanced versions! Take on these terrifying adversaries to a new arrangement of the battle music score. Various new features have been added to make your play experience even more convenient, such as a high speed mode, mini maps, and a “New Game +” option that lets you carry over your progress when you play through the game again.”

It is important to notice that the game won’t be free. But it will be available in almost every device.

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Romancing SaGa – Minstrel Song

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