Riviera – The Promised Land

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Riviera The Promised Land is now available as a remastered version
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May 24, 2024
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Fans of classic RPGs have a reason to rejoice as Riviera: The Promised Land has been released as a remastered version, now available with a range of new, convenient features. This updated edition promises an upgraded play experience, catering to both first-time players and long-time fans.

The remaster includes a smartphone-optimized interface, allowing for stress-free gameplay with intuitive touch controls. The game’s features have been refined to enhance accessibility and enjoyment.

Key Game Features:

– Field Exploration: Navigate through fields easily with user-friendly controls.
– Unique Battle System: Skills are determined by the items you possess, adding a strategic layer to battles.
– Favorability System: Your choices impact character relationships and story outcomes.
– Rich Illustrations: Over 90 still illustrations enrich the storytelling experience.

The storyline revolves around preventing “divine punishment” from activating and working with friends to save Riviera from destruction.

Remastered Enhancements:

– BGM Change Function: Choose from five different soundtracks to customize your experience.
– Speed Modes: Play up to 5x faster.
– Event Skip Function: Skip through events to streamline your gameplay.
– HD Illustrations: All game illustrations have been upgraded to high definition.
– Auto Save: A reliable auto-save function ensures your progress is always protected.
– Improved Playability: Difficulty levels and mode selections have been adjusted for a smoother experience.
– Boost Function: Quickly learn new skills with this handy feature.
– Enhanced Interface: The interface has been improved for greater convenience.

The remaster is packed with additional elements designed to improve the overall gaming experience. Whether you are new to Riviera: The Promised Land or revisiting it, this remastered version offers a compelling, modernized adventure. Enjoy the upgraded features and dive back into the enchanting world of Riviera.


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