Rise of Stars Re:Verse

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Download Rise of Stars Re:Verse. strategy MMO type mobile game in which you have to play epic battles in real time through different galaxies. The game is made by Wemade Studio.

ROS Re:Verse features a 4x strategy game with epic, real-time wars across vast galaxies. Players can form fleets by combining Captains, Warships and Warship Carriers, and lead their troops into amazing battles to conquer resource-rich planets.

The first step you have to make is to establish a solid base, which can be improved with different modules. In it, resources are researched and space fleets such as corvettes, assault ships, defense ships and freighters can be built and produced.

You also have the possibility to form fleets by combining captains, aircraft carriers, warships, etc. Captains are elite space agents possessing various abilities and talents, including battle, mining, and development. You will have to deploy the right ones for each situation.

The warplane carriers house a collection of super-scientific technologies, being based on the genetics of the Cyrocore robot. They strengthen fleets and are a key element in battles. The goal is for you to become the Chancellor who rules the space. To develop a new galaxy, admirals must explore resource planets, establish bases, and defeat enemies.

Rise of Stars Re:Verse can be found on Google Play and the App Store for free. The title is available in 170 countries around the world and can be found in 9 different languages.

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