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Rise of Eros is an RPG drama action game available for Android and iOS for free. It is aimed to a mature audience due to their art style and +18 age content. It’s a strange game, a kind of weird art direction but it comes with a solid gameplay.

“At the dawn of the world, two originary deities were created from humanity’s most primal desires: the god Eros and the goddess Aphrodite. With the development of civilization, the flourishing of different desires and drives led to the birth of more and more deities, and eventually erupted in a Great War of the Gods.”

That’s how we get into the Rise of Eros story. Graphically each goddess’s lifelike expressions and skin textures are rendered with the use of high-spec character modeling and a bespoke shader. The animations are top notch and the characters, well, they are very nice to see.

Whether adventuring through the story or hacking away in Boss battles, the combat is designed to be intuitive and responsive. You’ll get to know goddesses with unique powers throughout your adventures. We have to cultivate Intimacy with your goddesses and you’ll find them in steamy scenes.

Remember this is a +18 age with adult content. It’s free, it’s not available on the Playstore but we can download the APK directly from their website, or the iOS install.

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