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Rise of Cyber is an RPG game developed by Pixel Rabbit Studio. The game is now available in early access for Android devices in select regions. In the game, a virus has entered your world and destroyed space, now you must bring heroes together as the commander of Skyfall City and fight the enemies to protect the world.

The game is set in 2177, also called the Cyber Era. Apocalypse is a villain who is spreading a virus that is eroding space and Skyfall City is the only place that is left. You work in the city with other warriors and now you must guard the city as the Commander from the invaders and save this city from the virus. You have to fight Apocalypse, rebuild your city, obtain supplies and challenge the world boss in cyber combat.

You can engage in fast-paced battles against enemies, each presenting a unique challenge. The game lets you gather talented SS warriors and inspectors with unique skills and cyber-style weapons to engage in battles and experience amazing combat visual feast and weapons skills. Inspectors can also upgrade and transform other warriors with advancement, skills improvement, and more so that you build your team with the strongest warriors.

To enhance your gameplay, you have the option to customize your team by adjusting the formation and selecting the most skilled warriors. It is essential to carefully consider each decision made during gameplay to ensure that the best combinations are utilized. Additionally, you can compete in Co-op with other players and obtain rewards from your journey and battles.

The early access version of Rise of Cyber can now be played on Android devices via Google Play. It is currently available to players in select regions, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Argentina.

Rise of Cyber is a cyberpunk-themed RPG developed by PIXEL RABBIT LIMITED, and it is now available as early access on Android in select regions as a new […]

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