RF ONLINE NEXT – Announced with new Trailer

RF ONLINE NEXT. Publisher Netmarble and developer Netmarble N2 have unveiled new details, footage, and screenshots for the massively multiplayer online RPG RF ONLINE NEXT during the G-Star 2023 event.

Diverging from traditional fantasy themes, RF ONLINE NEXT introduces battles infused with science-fiction motifs, offering a distinctive combat experience. Players can select from six unique biosuits, each tailored for high-octane, skill-based battles. The flexibility to switch between biosuits according to the demands of the battle adds an extra layer of strategic depth. Moreover, the game includes the option to summon giant robots to aid in battles or to take direct control of them.

Beyond conventional mechanics, RF ONLINE NEXT introduces a free-flight system featuring altitude changes, boosts, dynamic landings, and hovering. This system enables players to swiftly navigate the game world, serving both exploratory purposes and strategic advantages, enriching the overall RF experience.

The G-STAR 2023 demo build of RF ONLINE NEXT showcases Story Mode, inviting users to uncover the main character’s narrative through high-quality cutscenes. Additionally, the Event Mode, known as Monster Wave, empowers players to choose event cards with diverse objectives, aiming to set time records.


Event Mode comprises eight waves of battles set in a specialized arena where portals unleash formidable creatures. Players can enter the battle by selecting one of three biosuits available in the G-Star 2023 demo, utilizing their explosive abilities to defeat the incoming monsters.

After each wave, players can opt for a randomly generated card that modifies the biosuit’s abilities and stats, with a 40-second decision window. Furthermore, users can choose a giant robot, either fighting alongside it or taking direct control to confront the monstrous adversaries.

Scheduled for release in 2024, RF ONLINE NEXT will be available on PC, iOS, and Android platforms.

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