ReverseBlue x Re-BirthEnd

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Happy Elements announced the new smartphone game Reverse Blue x Re-BirthEnd (リバースブルー×リバースエンド), the unveiling of the release date and intricate game particulars will unfold in a sequential manner, primarily through official updates on Twitter.

Happy Elements, renowned for their popular music game Ensemble Stars Music, has announced the imminent release of their all-new RPG game in Japan. This original creation, a collaborative effort between Happy Elements and its subsidiary Grimoire, marks a significant debut for both entities.

While specific details regarding the game remain veiled, a glimpse into its essence can be gleaned from the teaser trailer shared alongside the announcement. The trailer paints a canvas of a post-apocalyptic realm, wherein immortality blankets humanity, compelling them to safeguard their existence from impending threats. It narrates the saga of individuals who embody the “forever” for the future.

With Happy Elements at the helm of game development, players can anticipate entrancing anime-inspired visuals reminiscent of the studio’s past successes. The game boasts a diverse array of characters, spanning both male and female personas. Players are expected to revel in the flexibility of customizing their chosen characters, optimizing both enjoyment and performance.

Aspects that set this game apart include awe-inspiring 3D animations and an engrossing narrative. Moreover, players can look forward to advanced combat mechanics that elevate the overall gaming immersion. Further revelations about the game are poised to surface in the lead-up to its release, leaving us eagerly anticipating the adventures that lie ahead for players.

ReverseBlue x Re-BirthEnd is slated to release in Japan soon but a specific release date hasn’t been revealed yet.

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