Ragnarok In Wonderland (CBT)

Full-scale healing collection mobile tycoon Ragnarok in Wonderland
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Jun 20, 2024
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Ragnarok In Wonderland (이상한 나라의 라그나로크), a full-scale healing collection mobile tycoon game, has entered its closed beta testing phase, inviting adventurers to create and decorate their own magical islands. This upcoming game offers a unique blend of monster collection and island expansion, set in a whimsical wonderland where monsters’ dreams come true.

Explore and Expand Your Wonderland

In Ragnarok In Wonderland, players can create their own zones by expanding islands and decorating them with various buildings and objects. As players develop their wonderland, each expansion brings new opportunities and rewards, turning every moment into a delightful adventure.

Collect and Play with Lovely Monsters

The game features a charming array of monsters that players can place and send on expeditions. These lovely creatures return with items after exploring, adding an engaging layer of collection and reward. The monsters are full of charm, making the game appealing to both monster enthusiasts and casual players.

Build Landmarks and Discover Ruins

Players can build landmarks for each stage, acquiring specific items that enhance their wonderland. Additionally, hidden ruins can be found and built in specific areas. Dispatching monsters to these ruins yields huge rewards, encouraging strategic planning and exploration.

Engaging Content and Daily Adventures

Ragnarok In Wonderland offers a variety of charming content, including wish boards, mini-games on a game console, and ruins. These features ensure that every day in Wonderland is filled with new adventures and activities.

Join the Close Beta Test

Adventurers who enjoy building and decorating their own islands, collecting and playing with monsters, and unlocking new lands are encouraged to join the closed beta test. Whether you prefer playing alone or engaging with a community of fellow adventurers, Ragnarok In Wonderland promises a healing and enjoyable gaming experience.

Embark on this magical journey and help bring Wonderland to life with your creativity and love for monsters. Stay tuned for more updates as the game progresses towards its official launch!


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