Racing Kingdom

Racing Kingdom is coming to your mobile device with a storm of adrenaline!
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Jul 5, 2024
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Get ready for the ultimate adrenaline rush with “Racing Kingdom,” a high-octane mobile game that brings classic drag racing to life with next-gen graphics and ultra-realistic car sounds. Build your dream supercar, race against competitors worldwide, and restore legendary vehicles to their former glory. In the world of “Racing Kingdom,” thrilling races and adventures await at every turn.

Customization: Create Your Own Style

In “Racing Kingdom,” you can personalize every detail of your car. Choose your car’s color, rims, license plate, and spoiler to create a vehicle that reflects your unique style. The extensive customization options ensure that your car stands out on the race track.

Add a touch of fun to your racing experience with adorable pet companions. These loyal friends join you on the race track or in your garage, providing delightful interactions and a new dimension to your racing adventures.

Build from Scratch: Create Your Vehicle World

Take your racing to the next level with the Build from Scratch system. Collect parts and assemble your custom car from the ground up. This feature allows you to create legendary vehicles tailored to your preferences, making “Racing Kingdom” a paradise for car enthusiasts.

Professional Drag League: Career Mode

Compete in the Professional Drag League, where you race rebuilt cars in various leagues. Experience promotions, demotions, and intense single-player events. Hone your reaction time, improve your burnout and manual start skills, and enjoy sports channel-themed camera footage for a unique racing experience. Secure brand deals to boost your earnings, experience, and vehicle performance.

Turf War: Be the King of the Map

Compete in Turf War events to set the best times in different map areas and become the region’s ruler. Dominate the map, earn rewards, and prove your supremacy in these thrilling competitions. Turf War includes passive and ranking rewards, adding depth to the competitive experience.

Experience the joy of restoring forgotten vehicles to their former glory in Restoration Mode. This innovative feature lets you bring unique cars back to life with special parts not found in the Dealership, adding an exciting challenge for restoration enthusiasts.

Join “Racing Kingdom” and immerse yourself in a world of speed, strategy, and custom cars.



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