Protectors: Shooter Legends

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Protectors: Shooter Legends is a dynamic third-person action shooter developed by Playkot LTD. The game game initially made its debut in a soft launch exclusively in Cyprus and Canada back in October of the previous year, exclusively for Android users. Boasting exceptional visuals, unique heroes, stunning arenas, and an array of weaponry, Protectors: Shooter Legends promises an immersive gaming experience teeming with exhilarating action.

The game is situated within a world that has triumphed over war, hunger, and poverty, elevating the overall quality of life. However, this utopian existence is disrupted as advanced alien civilizations launch a perilous invasion. In response, humanity has rallied its own defenders, the valiant ‘Protectors’, tasked with thwarting this dire extraterrestrial threat. With awe-inspiring 3D graphics and captivating ability effects, players will undoubtedly find themselves entranced by the game’s visual splendor.

Within this third-person shooter, players engage in gripping 4v4 battles across diverse maps, each enriched by a compelling storyline. Armed with a selection of weapons and the freedom to choose heroes according to personal preferences, players must employ strategic prowess to secure victory. The game features an array of heroes, each equipped with unique firearms and special abilities that can be unlocked and upgraded.

Offering a variety of game modes, Protectors: Shooter Legends caters to both PvE and PvP enthusiasts. Whether opting for sniper heroes armed with specialized rifles or employing alternative tactics, players accumulate rank points, experience, and hero-buff tokens as they conquer adversaries, enabling the progressive enhancement of their heroes.

Protectors: Shooter Legends is now available on both Android and iOS devices via Google Play and App Store respectively.

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