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Project EVO is a new action shooter survival game developed with Unreal Engine 5. Emberland is the battlefield where we have to survive against mutants who wants to end our playtime and other players. Danger lurks around every corner, everything wants you dead. You have to survive through the cruelest of competition.

Project EVO aims to be a massive game, for mobile devices. We can traverse the desert, forest, snowfields, mountains and ghost towns, in an immersive post-apocalyptic world, accompanied by a real-time weather system. In order to survive we have to keep a close eye on your body indicators, while gaining resources by farming, crafting, cooking, and even killing.

You can build your shelter from scratch anywhere. The base design needs to be highly strategic, so we have to consider all the elements in advance, including location, consumption costs, robustness, expansion, construction, and setting safety, to avoid having your shelter raided by other merciless survivors.

This is a survival game, but an action game too. In Project EVO we have to face hundreds of players in a large-scale online world. Players can team up but we must be cautious about sharing absolute access to our base.The game is gonna be free to all players and the devs have announced they will not add any unfair purchasable advantages in Project EVO.

The game is in Alpha Beta Stage, you can register for more updates and previews in their website.

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