Project BSS (Blade and Soul) – Preview

NCSOFT has unveiled the G-Star 2023 trailer for Project BSS, its upcoming collectible RPG for both PC and mobile platforms. Project BSS introduces a fresh gameplay style set in the expansive Blade & Soul universe, offering a reimagined experience.

Captain Kihwan Koh from NCSOFT mentioned in a press release, “Building upon the inherent enjoyment of a collectible RPG, [Project BSS] seamlessly integrates action and adventure tailored for battlefield gameplay, fostering communication and enjoyment among players.”

Koh further emphasized, “The game showcases strategic team formations capable of adapting to the dynamic combat environment and conditions, along with tactical combat that heightens the thrill of collecting and combining elements.”

Despite its connection to the Blade & Soul series, Project BSS distinguishes itself with a unique approach. The newly released trailer showcases an animated art style, a simplified user interface, and action combat mechanics. The game appears to follow the collectible RPG format, featuring both familiar characters like Poharan and new additions for players to gather.

The trailer highlights diverse combat styles, including team formations and seemingly freeform combat. However, the exact gameplay dynamics and financial aspects remain to be seen.

Currently, there is limited information available beyond the trailer. For more updates, stay tuned to Gamespace and visit the official NCSoft website for further details as they are released.

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