Pokémon Sleep – Release on July

Pokémon Sleep is the latest Pokémon game, sort of, for Android and iOS. Earlier today, The Pokemon Company unveiled a fresh gameplay trailer for its highly anticipated Pokemon Sleep mobile game.

In a nutshell, Pokémon Sleep is all about monitoring your sleeping patterns and unlocking the “Sleep Style Dex” as a result. This special feature showcases the various sleeping styles of different Pokemon. Playing the game is a breeze: simply position your smartphone near your pillow and drift off to dreamland.

By placing your smartphone next to you while you sleep, the game will record and analyze your slumber. The longer you catch those Z’s, the higher your score will be in the morning, and the more Pokemon you’ll spot frolicking around Snorlax.

Your nightly sleep will be categorized into one of three styles—dozing, snoozing, or slumbering—and when you wake up, you’ll find Pokémon with similar sleep habits gathering around Snorlax.

If you have concerns about radiation, fear not! You can also opt to use the Pokemon GO Plus + device, which lets you effortlessly track your sleep with a simple button press. Pokémon GO Plus + utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy technology to sync up with Pokémon Sleep.

Keep your eyes peeled for the official launch date of Pokémon Sleep. If you like Pokémon check our list of the best pokémon games.

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