Pocket Girls:Idle RPG

Become the new savior of the hopeless fighting game world!
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Jun 12, 2024
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Step into the world of Pocket Girls: Idle RPG, where strength reigns supreme and you are the new savior. In a realm dominated by fighting games, Triple A, the world’s strongest player, bullies the weak to flaunt his power. Fed up with his tyranny, a group of courageous girls band together to fight back but are ultimately defeated, their memories wiped clean.

One girl, Maymay, retains her memories thanks to her sealed power but loses all the strength she once had. Driven by hatred for Triple A and the organization that ruined the world, she sets out to find her scattered companions and restore justice.

Effortless and Convenient Idle RPG:

  • Tailored for beginners, Pocket Girls offers an effortlessly enchanting experience. Heroes grow in strength and acquire new abilities even when your phone is idle, making progress easy and rewarding.

Riveting Impact and Captivating Characters:

  • Unleash stress-relieving, cinematic battles with a cool and refreshing vibe. Collect and nurture a captivating array of martial artists, each with their own unique flair, and enjoy the stunning visuals and dynamic animations.

Swift and Gratifying Level-Up Experience:

  • Immerse yourself in a cascade of rewards and the thrill of rapid progression. Unleash powerful skills, conquer diverse dungeons, complete quests, and explore a myriad of captivating content. Experience the joy of watching your characters grow stronger with each battle.

Guide Maymay and her companions on their quest for vengeance and witness her evolution into the supreme champion of this fantastical realm. Pocket Girls: Idle RPG combines the excitement of strategic battles with the convenience of idle gameplay, ensuring an engaging and accessible experience for all players.

Join the fight, collect your team, and become the ultimate savior in Pocket Girls: Idle RPG. Download now and start your adventure!



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