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Download Pixel Gun 3D, an amazing action game for Android and iPhone. Enjoy a lot of levels, weapons and enemies. Pixel Gun 3D is a pretty particular game. It mixes more than one genre and have a stunning visual style that somehow looks like Minecraft. This action and adventure game comes free for anyone.

Fight against friends, fight with people from all over the world. Pixel Gun 3D is a Battle Royal where you can organize all-against-all games. The winner will be the last survivor in the arena. In order to achive this we must collect weapons that we might find across the map and, of course, eliminate each opponent that we face.

But it also has other games modes: team fight, competitive matches, capture the flag mode and more. It’s a very complete game with full of modes. It has varied scenarios, maps with different shapes and sizes. You can use each map for different missions or game modes. There are more than 35 and we get more with each update the game has.

The weapons section also stands out. Weapons come in vary shapes and sizes with different functionalities. Some of these weapons seems out from a fantasy novels and others have the reminiscent of lifelong weapons. We can choose our favorites and master them to gain the upper hand over other players. Not all have the same features and some will work better than others.

In the social part we have a text chat. This will allow us to talk to the players that we find in our games. Those you can also add to a friends list, join a legion, or organize private games. We will also have a board with the best scores and best players in the game.

The graphics are very reminiscent of Minecraft, but the genre is Pixel Art. Pixel Gun 3D is very good in that. It is very detailed, the animations are fluid, the artistic section is very good. We can design our character to our taste and take it to every game mode we want. The sounds effects are also very well made, the shooting effects are very good and the music is okey.

Pixel Gun 3D requires a permanent Internet connection. The game is completely online, so if you don’t have the Internet, you won’t be able to access it. It is free on the Google Play Store and App Store, it has in-game items that we can only buy with money through micro payments.

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