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Firi Games has recently launched Phoenix 2 on the Android platform, bringing bullet-hell airplane shooter enthusiasts into the fray. Android users can now access the game by downloading it from their local Play Store.

Phoenix 2, a shoot’em up game, offers daily missions and boasts a collection of 100 ships. While iOS players have enjoyed the game for several years, accumulating over 5 million downloads worldwide and garnering 23k reviews on the US iOS App Store, it has now extended its reach to Android users.

Blending classic arcade gameplay with challenging depth, Phoenix 2 allows players to swiftly dive into action, hone their skills progressively, and benchmark their progress against a global community. The game caters to both quick sessions and extended play, offering an immersive experience.

Featuring over 100 ships for collection and upgrades, each ship is equipped with unique weapons and two special abilities. The game generates a fresh set of missions daily, thanks to an enhanced procedural content generator. Players can enhance their favorite ship, unlocking unique Apex forms for added damage. Phoenix 2 delivers a visually appealing experience with smooth performance, incorporating graphic effects like bloom and anamorphic lens flares.

The Warpgate feature provides daily rewards, and the game ensures full cross-play and cross-progression compatibility between iOS and Android platforms.

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