Phantom Blade: Executioners

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Phantom Blade: Executioners is an intense action game set in a dark and mysterious world known as the “Phantom World.” Assume the role of a skilled operative belonging to the secretive Organization, a clandestine institution responsible for maintaining peace and enforcing order among various factions.

In Phantom Blade: Executioners players can experience an really nice side-scrolling Action RPG that offers fast-paced battles and dazzling skills for players to chain together in stylish combos. Engage in combat using your preferred skill chains, whether they involve lengthy sequences or swift bursts, as the game allows for easy adjustment. Master the timing of your combos and maximize your character’s unique skills by stacking Phantom bonuses, thereby enhancing your attributes.

Embark on a journey as a member of the esteemed “Organization” and respond to a distressing SOS call. Discover that the brother of a close friend has undergone a nightmarish transformation, manifesting eight menacing arms and turning against his comrades. During combat, you have the freedom to create diverse skill chain combos according to your preferences. By ensuring precise timing and leveraging Phantom bonuses, you can unleash devastating skill combinations that bolster your character’s capabilities.

Phantoms hold significant relevance to the game’s characters and storyline. Each time you acquire a new Phantom or upgrade an existing one, you unlock a captivating Phantom story. These stories have the potential to influence your decision-making and impact how you navigate specific scenarios, providing additional context to each character’s tale.

Following victorious battles, you earn equipment and Phantoms. The attributes of equipment are randomized, allowing players to mix and match their gear to align with their playstyle and aesthetic preferences. Highly sought-after Sin Gears can be obtained in Purge Dungeons, while further enhancements are achievable by purifying them. Additionally, a substantial amount of loot can be acquired through battle encounters.

Sharpman Studio Limited has announced the final beta test for Phantom Blade: Executioners. Players can now download and test the game via PC, iOS and Android.

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