Persona 5: The Phantom X – Beta in China

Perfect World Games and Black Wings Game Studio have unveiled a new trailer for Persona 5: The Phantom X during the TapTap Game Conference 2023. The trailer introduces a fresh character and reveals that Koki Uchiyama will be the official voice actor for the protagonist, known as “Wonder.”

Persona 5: The Phantom X takes inspiration from the Persona 5 universe but presents an entirely new storyline. While retaining the iconic elements from the original console game, The Phantom X offers a distinct narrative. Players will navigate between the real world and the Metaverse, engaging in dungeon crawling and participating in turn-based battles against Shadows.

However, it’s important to note that this game deviates from being a direct sequel to Persona 5. Instead, it is a Chinese adaptation, featuring a different story and characters. The game has been tailored to suit the preferences of the local market and its players. Additionally, it will follow a free-to-play model, incorporating elements like an energy bar, connection bonuses, and in-app purchases.

Persona 5: The Phantom X – Beta

An “Awakening Test” is planned for Q3 2023, announced Perfect World. The game may be never be released outside China like many other mobile games. But we don’t know for sure yet. Want to take part into the Beta? We are going to update as soon as we get the links.

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