Perfect World W (SEA)

renew! More beautiful! Lighter! Even better! more perfect!
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Jun 16, 2024
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Perfect World W is an innovative vertical MMO from Perfect World IP, bringing a renewed, more beautiful, and lighter experience to mobile gaming. This game immerses players in a stunning 3D oriental fantasy world with high degrees of freedom and diverse gameplay options.

The latest addition to the Perfect World universe introduces the new profession “Daosha” and fully upgraded images of the three major races. Classic characters from “Zhu Xian” such as Baguio, Xue Qi, and Zhang Xiaofan join the adventure, blending two top Chinese PC gaming IPs to reenact the legendary love and hate stories in Zulong City.

Perfect World W boasts several gameplay upgrades, including exciting cross-server battles in the Asia-Pacific region. The game features an innovative dual-screen design, allowing players to easily switch between horizontal and vertical screens. This flexibility ensures seamless play across PC and mobile devices, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

In vertical mode, players can easily hang up the game and upgrade, while the horizontal mode provides the ultimate combat experience. The PC version showcases the new generation’s aesthetic excellence, perfectly adapting to every scene and allowing players to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.

The game also inherits the classic career settings from the 20-year-old IP, upgrading professional images with new generation aesthetics. The newly launched “Daosha” profession wields an indestructible long sword, embodying the lone ranger and group output king.

Perfect World W offers thrilling cross-server gang leagues, 3V3 battles in Chiyan’s old land, and a newly upgraded prestige camp system. These features ensure endless PVP and GVG battles, keeping players engaged and connected.

Built with the Unity engine and next-generation PBR rendering technology, Perfect World W creates a seamless 3D open world. Players can enjoy battles on land, sea, and air without any blind spots, exploring freely across the new Perfect Continent.

Join thousands of players in Perfect World W, and relive the epic battles of your youth in this reimagined, beautifully crafted MMO. The journey through the new world is perfect with you.


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