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Download Perfect World Mobile, a game based in the Chinese mythology and history. Perfect World Mobile is brought to you by Perfect World Games, a game with some World of Warcraft style.

In this game, adapted from the well-known Asian MMORPG, which was released for desktop in 2005, there is a world to explore, several characters that we can improve, equipment to loot,  and learn martial arts and mystical powers.

The game takes us to the world of Pangu. This is some kind of god from the Chinese mythology who shaped the planet earth, since he was born from a cosmic egg. We must create our avatar with one of the available races.

We will have to fight with the other races to improve our character and level up it. Humans, winged or indomitable Elves are the races available in the game, each one with special skills that we will see as we level up.

The game has very nice graphics, with outstanding animations and a great level of detail in the characters. It has a very complete editor for our main character, having the chance to choose even the smallest detail. Another point in favor of Perfect World is the chance to fly over the map, but we have to choose the winged elves as the race.

Within this race there are two classes: archers, more offensive, and arcane, more defensive. On the map we can move by land, sea and air. There are 60,000 square kilometers to explore in this world. We can work as: tailor, craftsman, blacksmith or pharmacist. it is possible to develop them all in the same hero, but the time and resources to invest are higher.

Perfect World is available for free on all major platforms. It has micro transactions within the game, but they only speed up the experience of this remarkable title. It requires a fair amount of internal memory and varies by device, but you’ll need to clear at least 2GB on your phone.

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