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Path of Rune is an upcoming open-world sandbox RPG game from LeekBox Studio. We don’t know so much about this game, there are a couple of videos and a preview trailer with some mechanics, but as far we know, Path of Rune is a Zelda like game. For the good, we hope.

Similar to the iconic Legend of Zelda series, the game titled Path of Rune promises an exclusive adventure, tasking players with rectifying the havoc inflicted upon the world and reconstructing society block by block. The intention is to replicate the captivating experience reminiscent of Zelda, granting players the autonomy to explore and shape the narrative.

Incorporating the element of survival adds a genuine post-apocalyptic ambiance to the game. Players must adeptly manage resources, wield weapons strategically, and even construct shelters to ensure their survival within the game’s challenging environment.

Path of Rune goes beyond mere gameplay by bestowing players with an exceptional level of freedom in shaping the game’s progression. This sandbox RPG offers a canvas for players to exercise their creativity and craft a tailor-made experience that aligns with their preferences. The game introduces a “free-to-construct” mode, enabling players to assume the role of masters in this virtual world, where they can erect their own cities, fortresses, or manors across the vast expanse of the land.

In addition, the game also incorporates elements of farming and raising monsters. You can cultivate your own land, grow various crops, and harvest abundant agricultural products.

The game will be made available for players on both Android and iOS alongside PC. The developers have rolled out forms for participation in the closed beta tests, interested players can fill up the questionnaires to stand a chance for participation in the closed beta test.

For now, the game is exclusive to China, however, a global release is expected to follow up soon after the China launch.


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