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Overmortal has officially landed on both iOS and Android platforms in Europe and North America. Developed by LTGames Global, this mobile idle RPG has garnered immense worldwide popularity. Now, the game is poised to capture the attention of the Western audience.

With its unique blend of ancient combat techniques and fantastical Eastern elements, Overmortal beckons individuals into its realm. This leisurely-paced RPG initiates a journey of self-improvement that flows effortlessly, facilitating exhilarating progress at any time and in any place.

Starting as novice Taoist practitioners, players embark on a transformative expedition from the mortal world. They embrace diverse paths of personal refinement, transcending mere humanity through enduring trials. Amidst breathtaking landscapes, opportunities emerge to forge bonds with immortals and unveil the mysteries enveloping their own existence.

Overmortal’s art style stands out from typical idle games, boasting a distinct fusion of aesthetics and allure. Its character design and visuals boast exceptional quality, consistently delivering unexpected and delightful moments. Yet, beyond its visual charm, the game carries a profound sense of complexity.

Diverging from the repetitive and preset progression routes prevalent in other idle games, Overmortal offers a more enriching experience. Players are empowered to choose between the Magicka and Corporia paths, acquire diverse skill sets, and personalize their skill loadout, encompassing options like shields, debuffs, single-target assaults, and area-of-effect attacks.

In a departure from the isolation often found in idle games, Overmortal sets itself apart by providing opportunities for social engagement and interactive experiences with friends. Overmortal is now ready for download in select regions on both Android and iOS platforms.

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