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A new game from Tencent and Wumai Technology Studio. Our Planet Mobile is Tencent “No Man’s Sky” for Android and iOS. “Our Planet” is an open world life mobile game that focuses on multiplayer social interaction and co-creation. Players can freely create and live freely on unknown mysterious planets, and experience the charm of space in a more relaxed and humorous form.

The plot of Our Planet Mobile, the mobile version, revolves around a colony of individuals who were born and raised on an unknown planet. To thrive in this environment teeming with dangerous creatures and untapped resources, the inhabitants must rely on their imagination and intellect to construct a new society.

As space explorers, players will have the opportunity to venture into a vast and diverse planet, where they can develop, hunt, and immerse themselves in the wonders of life. Whether alone or with others, players can explore different biomes and utilize a wide range of advanced weaponry and futuristic devices to defeat adversaries. Gathering resources will also be crucial as players construct custom structures to ensure their survival in this new world.

in this game players can start their life in space. In the game players can enjoy farming and fishing – unrestrained, capture alien pets, build a dream room, challenge the overlord of the mechs, meet friends, share unforgettable moments. Or that what the developer says.

The closed beta testing phase for Our Planet Mobile will officially begin on June 15, 2023. Interested players can start applying for the beta test starting from May 30, although a WeChat or QQ Account will be required for registration. For more information and to register, players can visit the official website of the game.

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