Orient Arcadia

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Download Orient Arcadia, a turn-based mobile RPG. This is a hero collection RPG based on the Romance of the Three Kingdom era. Available on Android and iOS devices.

As the name of the game says, the atmosphere of Orient Arcadia will have a Chinese oriental style. The plot tells the story of some magical artifacts left over from a long past war between dragons. Those who find it will receive special powers that can take over the world. The protagonist in the game is a normal person who accidentally arrives in the Eastern Utopia.

Orient Arcadia has a simple game system. Just choose to arrange a team of 6 characters to send to battle against enemies. We have to choose the best team based on the characters skills and synergies. The rest of the game will run its own tactics. Characters can be switched during battle as well. and in addition to playing along the main story line. There are also tons of fun mini-games.

There is also a relationship system between characters. Friends who like RPG games, prepare to have fun with memes.  The game is available on China and some SEA territories. Orient Arcadia is in full chinese, there is no english translation yet. For more information, visit the Orient Arcadia website.

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