Open Space Over Field (開放空間) (JPN)

--It is a story that explores the fantastic world of reality and imagination, science and mystery, and truth and fiction.
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Jun 19, 2024
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Welcome to “Over Field,” a captivating mobile game where reality meets imagination, and science mingles with mystery. This is a tale that will take you on an exploration of the fantastic, blurring the lines between truth and fiction.

World View

Set in the coastal region’s commercial district, the Rotor Laboratory is on the lookout for new members. As the newly appointed leader of the exploration unit, your mission is to delve into the mysterious world known as “Overfield.” Here, you’ll encounter unexpected events and meet companions to join you on this extraordinary adventure. Together, you’ll face the looming threat of extinction from another realm and uncover the secrets behind Overfield.

Daily Life with Unique Members

Form your own team and build strong bonds with your fellow explorers. Your adventure will take you between the real world, “Genjitsu,” and the fantastical “Field.” The relationships you develop with your team will be crucial as you navigate this dual reality.

Explore the Mysterious Overfield

From the bustling main city to the enchanting world of cherry blossoms, Overfield is like an animated movie come to life. Each area is beautifully crafted, resembling a miniature world that mirrors our own. However, don’t be fooled by its dream-like appearance—dangers await within Overfield. As you enjoy your free-spirited adventure, you’ll gradually uncover the truth behind this mysterious world.

High Degree of Freedom and Customization

Express your creativity with extensive customization options. Dress up your character, change hair colors, and even renovate your personal city space. Your unique style will shine as you explore Overfield.

Exciting Parties with Friends

Take a break from your adventures with seaside barbecues, beach soccer, and more at Garden Rotor, the player’s base. Enjoy these fun moments with friends, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Are you ready to explore the truth of Overfield? Dive in and embark on a journey where reality and imagination collide!


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