One Punch Man World – Closed Beta Test on October

One Punch Man World is an upcoming action game based on the popular manga and anime series “One Punch Man,” is set to be released through a collaboration between Crunchyroll Games and Perfect World. The game will have its first Closed Beta Test (CBT) on October 18th, offering fans and players the opportunity to explore an interactive city, battle enemies, and face unique monsters from the original series.

One Punch Man World will be an ideal treat for both players and devoted fans of the renowned anime and manga series. It not only allows players to venture through a dynamic city but also engage in battles against foes and distinctive monsters directly from the original series. One Punch Man: World offers a wealth of content, providing an extensive and immersive experience for fans and players alike.

The CBT will be available in English and Thai languages and will be accessible on PC and Android platforms, with plans to include iOS in subsequent tests. Interested players can participate in the closed beta tests by completing a survey and staying updated through the official game pages. Pre-registrations are ongoing on the Official Website for the game.

Test period: 18/10/2023 – 25/10/2023.

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