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Omniheroes, the highly anticipated fantasy-themed heroic strategy RPG developed by OMNIDREAM Studio, is ready to immerse players in a world of magic and sorcery. In this captivating gacha game, players step into the shoes of the Omniguardian, the chief apostle to the Creator, who must rise to the challenge after their master falls into eternal slumber due to a battle with evil forces.

Faced with the task of defending against invading monster hordes and uniting the world’s warring tribes, players assemble a team of skilled and stunning heroes, including 7 special Valkyrie characters, to fight on their behalf. As a casual RPG, players won’t need to engage in combat themselves; instead, they will summon, upgrade, and deploy their heroes for thrilling 5v5, turn-based battles.

Omniheroes excels in providing players with compelling choices during early playtesting, especially when it comes to selecting heroes for battle and deciding how and when to upgrade them. The game boasts a diverse array of heroes, each belonging to one of five distinct factions, and features the unique Multiple Synergy System. By utilizing this system, players can combine their Valkyries’ skills to unleash powerful attacks and buffs, offering a plethora of possibilities with over 100 potential team combinations to experiment with.

Apart from engaging in both PvP and PvE modes, Omniheroes offers a guild system that enables players to join forces with friends worldwide and participate in special guild tournaments.

To be among the first to embark on the thrilling journey of Omniheroes upon its release, players can download the game in the Google Play Store for free.

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