Oath of Peak

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Download Oath of Peak, a fantasy MMORPG set in an exotic oriental world. In this world, players navigate their way through the unknowns as skilled vagrants. Referencing the Chinese classic, Classic of Mountains and Seas, the game features an ancient world teeming with magnificent mountains and rivers, vast grasslands, and extravagant palaces.

In this oriental fantasy MMORPG, you’ll capture mythical beasts that will then join you on your journey. Oath of Peak draws inspiration from the ancient Chinese classic story, ‘The Classic of Mountains and Seas’, which also goes by the name ‘Shan Hai Jing’.

Oath of Peak has proven particularly popular across the Asia-Pacific, with over 500k players flocking to it so far. It also took first place in the App Store and Google Play on its launch day – a huge feat for a brand new release.

The game features countless Spirit Beasts. Players can seal and recruit them into your combat team! Don’t be surprised if you see mythical creatures from the Classic of Mountains and Seas, such as Qilin, Zhujiuyin, Baize, and Qiongqi. The thousands of monsters and pets play an important role in this world. You will be there with them right from the beginning: breeding, nurturing, grooming, and going on adventures together. And you will fight alongside them, frolic with them, and forge long-lasting relationships.

There are five different classes to choose from, including the tank-like Alkaid, who protects their teammates by getting stuck right into the frey and absorbing damage. Of course, this is an MMORPG, so you can expect to fight with, and against, other players. You can form a guild with your friends and participate in PVE challenges together, or battle other players in PVP and GVG formats.

You can grab Oath of Peak right now from the App Store or Google Play, or learn more about it on the official website. If you’d like to keep a close eye on development. It is free and Global.

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