Noah’s Heart

Noah’s Heart


Noah’s Heart is an open mobile RPG full of wonder and adventure for android and iOS devices. It was developed using the Unreal 4 Engine so we may expect a high quality graphics and animations.

In Noah’s Heart, the humans are living in a post-civilization called “Noah, a somehow virtual world made by an entity called The Cube. We don’t know what does it mean yet, but we are going to discover a lot of things during the game.

There are a lot of questions in this adventure, we as humans, can explore this new world in this RPG action game with a lot of romantic fantasy touches, some of steampunk and mystery.

The most attractive thing in Noah’s Heart is the graphics. These may be one of the best looking games coming soon. The game was made using the Unreal 4 engine se we can expect amazing views and animations.

The game has a lot of locations, dungeons, cities, and more. Developers said it’s a huge world and we can explore all of it. We can build our characters with their special skills and weapons. We also have a Job System in order to get some of the world’s currency and help our character to level up.

Now the combat looks amazing. 3D real-time battles make this game very pleasant to the eyes. We can see fluid animations, movements, attacks, and skills. Also a good enemy design. We have a lot of quest which can be very different from one play experience to another. This because decisions matter in this game.

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