War Robots China – Finally Available

Updated: January 18, 2024

Huge news for War Robots. MY.GAMES and Pixonic are releasing War Robots in China. This launch is made possible through a collaboration with the third-party publishing partner, iDreamSky. It is really important if we consider that in 2023, more than half of global players were located in the Asia-Pacific region, with China contributing around 40% of players in that area.

War Robots

China, being a mobile-centric gaming market, boasts 727 million gaming enthusiasts, with 680 million favoring mobile devices. Chinese mobile players constitute about 24% of the global mobile player base, generating approximately 30% of the global revenue in the mobile gaming market.

War Robots, introduced in 2014, has demonstrated steady growth, accumulating over 250 million registered players across all platforms and generating a lifetime gross revenue exceeding $750 million. Even before the mandatory ISBN publishing license requirement in China, the game had gained significant popularity among Chinese players. By 2021, around 20% of the game’s total iOS downloads were from China, establishing the country as one of the top three markets for War Robots on the App Store.

Source: MY.games

War Robots
War Robots
War Robots stands is a shooter game featuring colossal robots that conveniently fits into your pocket. Engage in epic player-versus-player (PvP) battles against adversaries worldwide, showcasing your prowess […]

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