VibeCity Mobile is a new GTA-inspired open-world action RPG

Updated: January 8, 2024

If you’ve been searching for a compelling alternative to GTA-style games on mobile and felt disappointed, your wait may soon be over. VibeCity, an open-world RPG, is set to arrive on both Android and iOS platforms, creating a buzz among fans of the genre.

Judging from the visuals in the gameplay trailer, VibeCity promises an action-packed open-world experience reminiscent of the GTA series. While the platforms for its release are confirmed, detailed information about the game’s content remains limited.

VibeCity Mobile is a new GTA-inspired open-world action RPG

The gameplay visuals are notably impressive, with in-game assets showcasing excellent presentation, stunning car designs, and an overall feel that emulates a console-like experience. The availability of multiple vehicles adds another layer of excitement. While character details are sparse, the core gameplay seems to involve playing as a character in the third person, with character progression being a significant aspect.

With the introduction of VibeCity, it faces competition from another contender, NEWRP (NEW Role Play), an upcoming GTA-like title offering an open-world RPG experience currently in the closed beta phase. Though somewhat similar, VibeCity appears to outshine NEWRP in terms of visuals.

The release of VibeCity on Android and iOS platforms is on the horizon, but the exact launch date remains undisclosed. Anticipate typical pre-release processes such as closed and open beta tests, pre-registration phases, leading to the official launch. To stay updated on developments, keeping a close eye on the official website is recommended.

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