Seal Online Mobile – Release in Korea

Updated: November 20, 2023

Seal Online, as Seal M, the mobile iteration of the MMORPG, is slated for release in Korea on November 30, 2023, accessible on both Android and iOS platforms. The game is currently accessible in the SEA region (Seal M).

Mirroring the impressive visual appeal of the PC version of Seal Online, the mobile rendition maintains that aesthetic allure. Noteworthy is the art style, a blend of minimalism and vibrant charm that breathes life into cute and peculiar monsters. The game delights players with humorous gestures and facial expressions from endearing pets.

Delving into its features and possibilities, brace yourself for an epic journey employing the basic job and job change system, commencing as an unemployed worker. Choose from a diverse array of roles such as knight, warrior, wizard, clown, and priest, each contributing to a uniquely memorable gaming experience.

Forge connections through our streamlined community system, incorporating Seal Talk for meeting new acquaintances and a couple system for romantic escapades. Immerse yourself in Seal’s original systems, encompassing job-specific combo features and dynamic titles and motions linked to your reputation. Revel in the excitement of the paid exchange system, offering the freedom to amass wealth through the trading of equipment and consumables.

Set to launch in Korea on November 30, 2023, Seal M is open for pre-registrations on the Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.

Seal M Online
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