Rust Mobile version in development?

Updated: January 12, 2024

There are indications that a mobile version of Rust is currently in the works, potentially with involvement from Level Infinite, known for publishing mobile titles like PUBG Mobile, Honor of Kings, and Assassin’s Creed Jade.

Rust Mobile version in development

Originally released in 2013 by Facepunch Studios, Rust is a decade-old multiplayer action survival game set in a wilderness environment. Players navigate challenges from hunger, thirst, wildlife, and other players while engaging in combat with firearms and crafting elements similar to Minecraft.

Despite mixed early access reviews, Rust gained popularity for its unique combination of PvP combat and survival, selling over five million copies before and after its full release in 2018. The potential move to mobile is a significant development, although it has not been officially confirmed. The leak comes from Kurakasis on Twitter, who has a history of accurately revealing such information.

If Facepunch Studios is indeed overseeing the mobile adaptation, it is likely to follow the free-to-play model with in-app purchases, aligning with the trends in the mobile gaming market. This potential move comes amid news of Level Infinite stepping back from publishing Archosaur Games’ RPG title Avatar: Reckoning, possibly creating an opportunity for the Rust Mobile version to be published by Facepunch Studios themselves.

Source: PlayerIGN / Kurakasis

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