Run Legends is a fitness battle RPG on Android and iOS

Updated: January 8, 2024

Studio Talofa Games has just revealed their latest project, Run Legends, an innovative fitness-based game designed to transform exercise from a tedious task into an enjoyable experience, especially when shared with friends. Players are entrusted with completing missions, whether solo or in co-op with friends, where they can engage in running or walking activities.

In Run Legends, players confront a malevolent group of adversaries known as Sappers, invaders with the intention of draining humanity’s energy and embodying real-life anxieties. The game goes beyond physical fitness, incorporating mental health considerations as players upgrade gear, forge friendships, and delve into their characters’ backstories.

Run Legends is a fitness battle RPG on Android and iOS

An appealing aspect of the title is its synchronous multiplayer feature, enabling friends to play together regardless of their locations. Character movements dictate their actions in battles, and varying speeds determine the unleashed skills. These matches are not excessively time-consuming, lasting between 5-15 minutes.

As players advance, they level up, unlocking an array of rewards and missions. The crafting system for gear is noteworthy, offering unique categories tailored to different movement styles. Facing the resilient Sappers requires dedicated effort for victory.

Beyond walking and running, the game introduces high-intensity interval training for players seeking a challenge, elevating the cardio gameplay mechanics to a new level. While this may present a difficulty spike, a virtual announcer, acting as an operator, acknowledges and calls out all achievements, providing motivation for players to push their limits.

You can download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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