Revelation Paradox official launch in Japan and Korea

Updated: December 30, 2023

Revelation Paradox (Tenkei Paradox ), a tactical RPG, has been officially launched for Android and iOS in Japan and Korea. This game joins Revelation M, currently in early access as an open-world MMORPG, and Revelation: New World, the SEA version of Revelation M, establishing itself within the expansive Revelation IP fantasy universe. The game is from DMM Games.

Revelation Paradox official launch in Japan and Korea

The narrative unfolds as the protagonist, leader of the disaster, and their companions navigate a world teeming with challenges and mysteries. The God of Light, Edaphos, shapes a world guided by two fundamental principles. Over time, the darker facets of human nature emerge, culminating in disasters.

In the midst of a revelation ceremony, an innocent infant is designated as the leader of the disaster, leading him to turn against the world. As time progresses, a girl with amnesia surfaces, sparking a confrontation with divine revelation.

Revelation Paradox is now officially available for download and play in select regions. Players in Korea can access the game on both Android and iOS platforms. In Japan, the game is known as Tenkei Paradox, and Japanese players can find it on the Google Play Store and App Store. Information about an English or global version is not currently available, so stay tuned for updates.

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