Rebel Moon Game is in Development

Updated: August 23, 2023

Super Evil Megacorp is in the process of developing a new mobile game for Netflix, inspired by Zack Snyder’s upcoming action sci-fi movie, Rebel Moon. During gamescom: Opening Night Live 2023, Zack Snyder himself joined Geoff Keighley to reveal this exciting venture. Snyder expressed his enthusiasm, citing his admiration for team-building films like The Magnificent Seven, and shared that the game will expand the Rebel Moon universe, continuing the storyline following the events of the first two movies.

The movie series, starting with Rebel Moon: A Child Of Fire, is set to debut on Netflix on December 22, 2023, followed by Rebel Moon: Scargiver on April 19, 2024. The forthcoming game is poised to be a four-player co-op action game, where players select their rebel characters and embark on adventurous missions. Exclusive to Netflix members, this title ensures accessibility across mobile devices and TVs for those with a Netflix subscription.

Despite Super Evil Megacorp’s recent announcement of a new UK Studio and an upcoming AAA cross-platform title, this exclusive Rebel Moon game for Netflix subscribers appears to be distinct. While further information is yet to be confirmed by Super Evil Megacorp, their partnership with Netflix earlier in the year marked their commitment to a new significant intellectual property. The buzz around the Super Evil Megacorp Rebel Moon game is circulating online, leaving global players intrigued about the experiences it will deliver.

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