Need For Speed Mobile Early Access

Updated: July 12, 2023

EA’s Need For Speed Mobile game has just entered Early Access, allowing players to experience the open-world racing game on mobile platforms. Need For Speed Mobile aims to capture the series’ iconic sense of freedom.

The game takes place in an expansive open world known as Heat Bay, featuring a 10km by 10km map for players to explore. In addition to races, the game promises the trademark chaos that Need For Speed is known for. Exciting cop car chases will play a significant role, adding a welcome element that sets it apart from previous entries in the franchise.

Need For Speed Mobile offers a collection of thirty licensed cars from real-world manufacturers, along with extensive customization options for both vehicles and drivers. For competitive players, there are rankings to climb, while those seeking a more casual experience can team up with friends and engage in live group chat.

As is common with free-to-play titles, there will be in-game purchases available, including the possibility of acquiring random items, resembling an EA loot box scenario.

However, there’s a catch – Early Access is currently available only to mobile gamers in Australia. If you’re not located in Australia, you may have to wait for the game to become more widely accessible.

If this sounds like your kind of game, you can find it on Google Play (AU region). Alternatively, you can sign up as a beta tester through the official website to gain access to Early Access tests.

Need for Speed Mobile
Need for Speed Mobile
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