Mononoke no Kuni – New adventure in a Japanese-style

Updated: September 24, 2023

The Japanese-style RPG Mononoke no Kuni is set to launch on Steam in the spring of 2024. Together with your trusty Shiba Inu companion, you’ll embark on a mission to cleanse the land from the encroaching “filth,” aid the local inhabitants, explore the island, and restore the sacred shrine.

This game offers a rogue-lite 3D open world where you can immerse yourself in an adventure-filled realm inhabited by both beastmen and gods, all while accompanied by the adorable pup, Musashi. Engage in activities like fishing, assisting with agricultural tasks, or taking boat rides to explore various terrains across the island.

To return the tainted Mononoke’s country to its pristine state, you’ll collaborate with the Mononoke, strategize within dungeons, battle menacing creatures, and work towards the restoration of Omiwa Shrine. Create a village imbued with warmth and character. “Mononoke no Kuni” is a must-try for those who appreciate distinctive artistic expression, enjoy delving into intricate stories, and seek a Japanese-style fantasy experience.

Keep an eye on their social media channels or their official website for updates as production progresses. Anticipate exciting new information coming your way soon.

Source: Famitsu

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