Dynasty Warriors M – Finally Available Worldwide

Updated: November 23, 2023

Nexon has officially launched Dynasty Warriors M, their latest mobile game, following a successful soft launch in select SEA regions a month ago. Now, Android and iOS players worldwide can join in the action.

Dynasty Warriors M is an authorized game from KOEI TECMO’s Dynasty Warriors series, offering players the chance to collect and develop over 50 officers from five distinct factions right from the start.

While the mobile version features a condensed combat system compared to the original console game, limiting battles to a single area, it still retains the essence of the series. Unlike the console version with multiple zones and diverse sub-objectives, mobile gameplay centers around facing waves of enemies, awaiting the appearance of powerful boss adversaries.

Despite these adjustments, players can still enjoy the familiar third-person perspective, engage in hack-and-slash combat against hordes of enemies, and, most importantly, unleash powerful Musou attacks with their generals. Dynasty Warriors M brings the acclaimed series to the mobile platform, offering fans a thrilling and action-packed experience on the go.

Download Dynasty Warriors M in Android or iOS.

Dynasty Warriors M
Dynasty Warriors M is the next Nexon game. The studio has revealed the pre-registration and the game is presently accessible to Android users in the regions of Thailand, […]

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