Dark and Darker’s Mobile – Gameplay Trailer

Updated: November 20, 2023

The mobile adaptation of the popular PC dark fantasy battle royale, Dark and Darker’s, took center stage at the South Korean gaming event G-STAR. This recent demo provides a comprehensive preview of what gamers can anticipate from the mobile port, showcasing striking similarities to its PC counterpart.

For those unfamiliar, Dark and Darker is a recently launched hybrid of battle royale and extraction shooter, gaining considerable acclaim among fans of both genres. Players select from five distinct classes, immersing themselves in a grimdark dungeon teeming with both PvP and PvE adversaries.

The objective is to navigate through the dungeon, reaching its core, and then escaping before succumbing to a creeping poisonous cloud that inflicts escalating damage as the circle expands with time. Survival is not the sole focus; players must also gather loot from defeated foes and level up their characters to enhance performance in subsequent runs, creating a cyclical gameplay loop.

While the blend of genres is intriguing, it may not represent an entirely novel approach considering the saturation of both genres in the gaming landscape. What sets Dark and Darker apart from the multitude of battle royale titles is its medieval high fantasy setting, diverging from the conventional futuristic or modern firearm-centric combat prevalent in the genre. Here, there are no snipers or shotguns—only swords and sorcery.

Although a precise release date for Dark and Darker Mobile is yet to be confirmed, it is slated for availability on mobile devices in 2024.

Check the the official website for more news.

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